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Goodyear slicks vs hoosier slicks

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The Hoosier D.O.T Drag Radial 2 is a drag racing tire designed for use on the track. The provide exceptional grip offering excellent performance. As with all drag racing tires, D.O.T Drag Radial 2 tires are not intended for highway use and should be stored in a controlled temperature environment to ensure longer tire life. R & S Racing Inc. Welcome to our web site! 2022 pricing is loaded for Real Racing Wheels. April 2022 pricing is loaded for Hoosier Racing Tires. 2022 pricing is loaded for the new Continental ExtremeContact Force Tires. Our 2022 Trackside Service Schedule is firmed up, we may be adding events, check back soon. Let us bring the tires to you and. That matches my time down to the second (a few ms slower) on the pirelli DH slicks on the finspeed 10x19, 12x19 255/650-19 (fronts), 305/690-19..

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What good year? IId say the tires I buy him would get minimal street his main concern Is top end stabilityI've been told a26"tire should be more stable than the 28" slick I had on Malibu if radial is more stable than bias ply any suggestions Hoosier drag radial looks very appealing as doesM&h bias ply and ETstreet bias ply any suggestions for compromise of stability and traction Idrove the 9. Joined Mar 24, 2011. 197 Posts. #7 · Nov 27, 2017. I have ran 28x10.5's from both M/T and Hoosier. Both work great. M/T's leaked like a collander. Hoosiers hold air great. Goodyears have awful longevity. I put about 250 runs on my Hoosiers going low 1.40's/high 1.30's in.

Best of the Best. Toyo. Proxes R888R Racing Tires. Check Price. Best Performance. A quality option that has a minimal tread pattern for improved speed and performance. Bare-minimum tread pattern is just a step above true slick racing tires. Extra-wide profile provides additional grip for improved acceleration and braking. Hoosier Tires Enters the War. Goodyear faced a hostile takeover in 1986, threatening the racing program they had set in place. Because of this, NASCAR needed to think of a backup plan in case they needed to find a new tire company for the race cars. That's when they started talking to Hoosier.

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5,095 Posts. #7 · Apr 25, 2008. There is another major difference between the way bias ply slicks work and the way Drag Radial work. If you get on a poorly prepared track the slicks will usually still bite while the drag radials will spin and cause severe tire shake that can break driveline parts, usually rear end gears and axles.

Minimum tire pressure at start of run 6psi. See General Regulations 5:1. Funny Car Wheels: Front wheels meeting SFI Spec 15.2 mandatory. Beadlock 16-inch rear wheels meeting SFI Spec 15.4.

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