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The Leagues Of Votann, Khorne Berserkers & Horus For Warhammer 40,000 - The Leagues Of Votann look amazing and seem like they could be a brand new force for a lot of folks! Ogors, Mega-Gargant Kings & Slaves To Darkness For Warhammer Age Of Sigmar - THREE new Battletomes are on the way for the forces of Destruction and Chaos. The next box set is about three months away. If we assume the Votann Army Box goes up for pre-order next week, then it'll likely be a couple of months after that that the bulk of the army drops, and there would likely be rolling releases for around the next month of other stuff to build out the line - that's the way things rolled out with other armies that have been released or updated lately. The Leagues of Votann are bringing in the Big Guns with the brand new Brôkhyr Thunderkyn! Check out these new exo-frame wearing blaster-boys. ... The release date for when Magic The Gathering Dominaria United is coming out has been revealed, and you can pre-order some MTG boosters right now.

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Aug 30 2022. Advertisement. The Leagues of Votann are taking over this September for the Collectible Coin and Miniature from Games Workshop. This September you’ll be able to snag an exclusive new collectible coin from your local Warhammer Store. On top of that, you’ll also be able to get a new miniature from the Leagues, too.

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This month, get your hands on the very first Leagues of Votann model FOR FREE! Stop in starting this Saturday to get your hands on a Hearthkyn Warrior with no purchase necessary! This month's. The Leagues of Votann believe that nothing is worth doing unless it is done well, and they wage war as methodically as any other pursuit. If the cost of the fight cannot be justified, they’ll retire from the battle in good order. There's aren't a lot of codexes left in 9th Edition. The tail end of hte edition codexes look like: World Eaters (Hello Angron) Leagues of Votann. Astra Militarum. Chaos Daemons. Space Marines (9.2) - Maybe. We've been hearing a whole lot on all the other, from the nonstop Leagues of Votann drops, to Angron raging onto the scene last. .

The Leagues of Votann army set will be released shortly after Codex: Chaos Daemons - which is up for pre-order right now. They will be followed by their Codex a little after that, and then the rest of the Kin forces. The Astra Militarum rally their ranks in Winter, before Angron and the World Eaters descend.

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