Let the second coat dry at least 12 hours before proceeding with faux painting. Wood: remove any peeling paint from wood surfaces, sand rough spots with 80 or 120 grit sandpaper and apply an alkyd primer to any bare spots. Allow the primer to dry and apply a latex or alkyd base coat. Let the base coat dry overnight.

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Painting medium recipes

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Step 2 – Paint the Snow: Place your Santa with Tree image flat on your surface. Load some Texture Paste on the back of the handle of a small paint brush. Dot some on the snowflakes around Santa. You will need to reload the paintbrush frequently. Set card aside to dry. This takes longer to dry than the above Texture Medium. Use 25% wax medium with 75% oil color for brush painting and 50% wax medium with 50% oil color for knife techniques. Ralph Mayer recommends this recipe for a good all-purpose glaze and oil-painting medium: Damar varnish (5-pound cut) - 1 fluid ounce. Stand oil - 1 fluid ounch. Pure gum turpentine - 5 fluid ounces.

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Use a ratio of 1 part paint : 1 part fabric medium : 2 parts water. I measured them in paper cups and mixed them in a large disposable salad bowl. To apply the mixture you first want to pre-dampen the fabric with the spray bottle.

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Craft Smart. Sublimation Metal Pen Blanks, SET OF 10 Blank Metal Pen Sublimation Blank, Blank, White, Sublimation Metal Pen Blanks. GuangNa Glitter Metallic Fine Tip Paint Pens Review & Swatch NICE!!!Подробнее. Cricut 13 x 108 in Smart Iron-On. White Medium Tip Paint Markers - 2 Piece Set. The medium can be useful for 'marbling' or creating textures. It will also set your colors into the paper and make them harder to lift. If you want to create paintings with several color layers ox gall is the way to go. How to Use it: Using about 8 oz of water add 10 drops ox gall liquid. Use the medium to wet the paper for wet into wet or. Prepare you a nice cup of coffee. Once the medium is totally melted, lift the jar and put it aside. Go outside with the jar, the lid, a small wooden stirrer and the solvent. Pour the solvent in the jar, stir 10- 15 seconds and close the lid. Shake the jar and let it cool. Enjoy your coffee.

Pour the mastic into the oil, stir until dissolved then let cool. Add turp and stir. Pour mixture into small containers. Gels when cool. When the medium cools, it forms a blonde, vaseline-like medium. I placed a bit of medium on my palette and mixed it into the paint as needed, thinning with turp as required.

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